SurgOne, P.C.
SurgOne, P.C. is a comprehensive general surgery group located in the south metro and central Denver area. The group consists of general surgeons dedicated to providing unparalleled care to their patients. The depth of expertise and high patient satisfaction demonstrated by SurgOne physicians brings patients from throughout Colorado and the entire Rocky Mountain region. The group has general surgeons with specialty training in breast surgery, laparoscopic surgery, colon and rectal surgery, endocrine surgery, bariatric surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, trauma surgery, transplant surgery, vein surgery, and surgical oncology.

Our Vision
SurgOne's goal is to provide patients with the absolute best, individualized surgical care in an integrated medical environment. Our focus is excellence in quality of care, demonstrated by thorough preoperative evaluation and successful surgical outcomes. Postoperative care and availability to patients is also a significant priority. To this end, multiple physician offices exist throughout the south Denver area spanning from Parker to Lone Tree in the south to offices located near downtown Denver. Our vision of quality is further solidified by the multiple specialties practiced by SurgOne physicians. This enables patients to receive comprehensive and thorough surgical care and follow up by highly trained and well-established surgeons specific to their surgical ailments.


Surgeons and Providers

Dr. Massimo Asolati - General/Transplant

Dr. David A. Baer - General/Trauma

Dr. Douglas Benson - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Noelle Bertelson - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Kenneth D. Blake - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Ruediger F. Bracht - General/Trauma

Dr. Craig L. Brown - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Frank H. Chae - General/Bariatrics

Dr. Donald J. Conner - General/Trauma

Dr. James R. DeLine - General/Trauma

Dr. Nel E. Gerig - Urology/Pelvic Pain

Dr. Laura Hafertepen - General/Breast

Dr. William Haun - General

Dr. Thomas G. Heffron - General/Transplant

Dr. Jane M. Kercher - General/Breast

Dr. Eric Kortz - Hepatobiliary/Liver & Pancreas Disease

Dr. Ashwin Kurian - Esophageal

Dr. David C. Longcope - Colon/Rectal

Dr. James C. Lukban - Urogynecology

Dr. David J. Lundy - General/Trauma

Dr. Santosh S. Nandi - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Denise C. Norton - Veins

Dr. Glenn Sakamoto - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Graham J. Sellers - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Susan A. Sgambati - Colon/Rectal

Dr. Edwin R. Smith - General/Acute Care

Dr. Warren Strutt - Colon/Rectal/Trauma

Dr. Mariel Szapiel - Neurosurgery

Dr. Richard Tillquist - General/Bariatrics

Dr. Walter Benson Vernon - General/Transplant

Dr. Jodi Widner - General/Breast

Dr. Shawn Young - Surgical Oncology

Darlene Long NP - Hepatobilliary/Liver & Pancrease Disease

Carrie Morrison PA - Esophageal

Ben Ingram PA - C

Kari Reynolds, NP - Urology/Pelvic Floor

Patients periodically ask SurgOne, PC if we know of any lenders that will lend patients money to help finance medical procedures. Although SurgOne, PC does not have a list of approved lenders and makes no representations about the quality, business practices or willingness of a lender to lend money to any patients for any purposes, the following lenders have contacted SurgOne, PC and advertise that they are in the business of loaning funds to qualified patients requiring medical services. SurgOne, PC assumes no responsibility for any activities of the lenders listed above.

We support Think About It Colorado, a public awareness program designed to spark a statewide conversation about patient safety and to drive reform in this critical area. Our goal is to provide Colorado consumers and health care providers the information and resources they need to team up for safer health care.